Joey Encarnacion aka Tre Flowz was born in the Bronx, New York, but family moved to a small town of Howell, New Jersey when he was still young. Tre took to Hip Hop music very early as his older brother (MyZery) was his biggest influence. Speaking on real life experiences from both the suburban and urban lifestyles in which he's lived, Tre is what some might call "The Best Of Both Worlds".  With such musical influence and talent, he is no stranger to adapting to any flow (fast or slow paced) which truly defines his name (That Raw Emcee with Flows).

"Money On My Mind" the debut album is rereleased on all major digital streaming sites (ITunes, Google Play, Spotify) and is currently working on the second official album. This would be the fourth release with the first being his "Darkest Nights" EP, and the mixtape "That Raw Emcee" available on DatPiff. Official merchandise from the AHWU Entertainment brand is also in the works and should be released during the year.

Head of his own brand AHWU (Amongst Hate We Unite) Entertainment. The strive to be the best possible, musically, comes almost natural! With rocking stages in both New York and in his home town of New Jersey, stage presence is nothing new, easily getting a crowd hype and keeping them entertained.

After releasing the controversial diss track, "Jump Ship" aimed towards an underground label,  and receiving countless backlash and "Who Are You?" type of questions from their fan base, the fourth released project and second official album "Embrace Hate" is sure to answer any and all questions the public might have. With his goal to be one of the best underground artists, his game plan is in full view. Tre plans to keep his word and be the voice for the "misfits" and the doubted people of the world. With doing anything in his power to answer any and all fans that may reach out to him, he's stayed true to his word of being a different breed of an artist and has no intentions of breaking that word! So to the day one beginning fans, the new ones, and future ones, stay tuned, this is truly only the beginning! Your support never does go unnoticed and will show at future shows! Always remember that Amongst the Hate We all should Unite!